Two I/O Modules Just Announced for the groov EPIC controller
Opto 22

I/O Options

Opto 22 just released information on two highly-anticipated groov EPIC modules, the GRV-IVAPM-3 and the GRV-MM1001-10. The GRV-IVAPM-3 provides 18 real-time data points per phase and 10 additional data points providing totals across all three phases. It also preserves values in non-volatile memory every 30-seconds to survive power interruption, and much more. The GRV-MM1001-10 is software-configurable and accepts over a dozen signal types via eight multifunction, multi-signal I/O channels. It also includes two form C mechanical relays. 

IMS Distribution will carry both of these devices when they become available, so contact us now for further information!

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